The Importance of Using Seasonal British Ingredients…

The Importance of Using Seasonal British Ingredients…

From a young age Ben has had a real passion and flare for all things culinary developing his taste for cooking in his Mother’s kitchen when he was just nine…nowadays Ben is the head chef at Carriages Restaurant and a keen advocate for using quality, seasonal ingredients that have been sourced locally whenever possible.

Fresh ingredients that are in season are resplendent with flavour allowing you to create simple dishes, with minimal components but a high impact on the tastebuds.

For example, tomatoes will grow quite happily in Britain for a large proportion of the year yet we import almost 80% from overseas, meaning that they have been chemically treated in some way to ensure a much longer shelf life severely compromising their flavour in the process. Why are we going to such lengths when our homegrown produce is fresher, tastier and healthier than its continental rivals and can be on our shelves within 24 hours of picking?

Ben has designed our Spring menus bearing these points in mind by creating dishes that use the seasons best such as three tomato & buffalo mozzarella salad with pesto & pinenuts and wild mushroom, fennel & asparagus tart on a Stilton & red onion marmalade salad. Find the full menu here and once you’re suitably hungry book your table at Carriages here.

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