Terry Waite

Terry Waite visits Alveston House Hotel

Romany Society Weekend

Prior to last weekend many of us at Alveston House Hotel had not heard of the Reverend George Bramwell Evens, more popularly known as ‘Romany’.

Romany was a name used by the Reverend George Bramwell Evens, a minister of the Methodist Church. He was born in 1884 and died in 1943. His mother was a true gypsy, born in a caravan (or ‘vardo’ in Romani)

For many years he wrote about wildlife and the countryside in a number of newspapers. He was most famous, though, for his broadcasts on BBC Children’s Hour in his ‘Out with Romany’ programmes. Romany was the first natural history broadcaster, the forerunner of, and inspiration for, Sir David Attenborough and David Bellamy.

What is the Romany Society?

The Society was formed in 1996, with Mr Terry Waite, CBE as Patron and Mrs Romany Watt (Romany’s daughter) as President. It was created to promote and encourage the study and appreciation of Romany, his life and works. There are over 200 members of all ages in the United Kingdom and abroad. Many remember hearing Romany as children, but others have come to know of him through reading his outstandingly popular books which, though out of print for many years, have been treasured by several generations.

Because it is a national organisation, meetings focus on special events. One of these, a Romany Society Weekend, takes place each year, when members get together and visit sites that Romany loved and made famous.

This year we were delighted to host their weekend and welcomed 27 member of the Society from Friday through to Monday morning. We received many wonderful comments from the guests who thoroughly enjoyed their stay with us.

A lovely surprise came as Terry Waite was about to leave. He presented a signed print of Romany to the hotel to commemorate the Societies visit to Alveston House.

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend was had by all.

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