It’s great to get out of the office and engage with colleagues in a more relaxed environment, but how do you organise a teambuilding event without getting the dreaded eye roll from sceptical staff members?

Perhaps you are preparing for an important meeting or are celebrating a milestone in the company’s journey. Whatever the occasion, the key is to plan an event that sounds fun and worthwhile for everyone involved.

Here are our top ten tips for doing so:

  • Choose a conference venue that has great facilities, plenty of space to spread out and, if possible, free parking
  • Select a room layout that promotes communication and doesn’t leave anyone stuck at the end of a row. If you can incorporate space for laptops and note-taking, this will also help
  • Put together an agenda that is clear and doesn’t look too full. Employees will switch off altogether if you try to cover too much in a short space of time
  • Make the event enjoyable and memorable. Introduce games and activities that allow staff members to work together naturally
  • Use technology such as PowerPoint presentations and iPad demonstrations to liven up your teambuilding workshop
  • Remember to order lunch and plenty of refreshments to keep energy levels high and to aid networking
  • Allow time for team members to ask questions, make phone calls and catch up on their emails throughout the day
  • If staff are travelling a long way to take part, make sure you choose a business venue that offers accommodation, or has accommodation options nearby
  • Don’t let your teambuilding day overrun. If you can finish by 4pm, team members can get on the road before rush hour begins
  • Follow up on the event by sending a thank you email to everyone who attended. Where appropriate, include a summary of what took place at the meeting

If you would like to hold a teambuilding conference at Alveston House Hotel, speak to Carol Topping, our dedicated conference coordinator on +44(0) 1454 415 050. She will talk you through the hotel’s facilities and pricing, and will help you prepare for the events of the day.

“Just wanted to feedback that both of our interviewers have commented on how lovely the venue for today’s interviews was and also how good the service.
People are far too quick to complain these days, and rarely take a minute to compliment, even when it is well deserved… So a big thank you to you and your team for making our day less stressful.”

Lisa Watkiss – Helping