Introducing games is a great way to make your conference memorable and to help delegates get to know one another better. It may be possible to fit these activities around a relevant business theme, for example economic growth or improved communication, but it’s much more fun to play games that allow people to interact without even thinking about it.

Here are some simple ideas to get the ball rolling:

Icebreaker games

Icebreakers help to introduce delegates who don’t normally work together and may not know each other well. Something like Celebrity Heads, where a famous name is written on a Post-it, stuck on each delegate’s head and then questions are asked to determine who each participant ‘is’. If yours is a small company where people already know each other well, you could even play an in-house version so each delegate is another member of staff.

Teamwork activities

Employees are every company’s best asset, and if staff can work well together that is even better. Split the room into smaller groups, making sure that there is a good mix of new and senior staff, men and women, and quieter and more dominant delegates. Building a specific object works well as this presents a physical and intellectual challenge. Whether delegates are asked to put together a load-bearing bridge using toilet rolls and sticky tape or a go-kart using more sophisticated tools, the activity will encourage interaction.

Whole group games

If you don’t want people to disappear off into different parts of the conference venue, it might be worth thinking about games you can play as a large group. Something like Charades or Pictionary can be fun and may reveal previously undisclosed aspects of delegates’ characters, while still allowing separate teams to work together. However, it is worth bearing in mind that some staff members may find ‘performing’ in front of a large group daunting, particularly if senior members of staff are present.

When choosing a venue for your teambuilding event, make sure that there is plenty of space for activities and games to take place. Conferences at Alveston House Hotel are extremely versatile, offering outdoor space in the walled garden as well as various room sizes and layouts. Please ring our conference coordinator, Carole Topping, on 01454 415 050 to find out more.

“Just wanted to feedback that both of our interviewers have commented on how lovely the venue for today’s interviews was and also how good the service.
People are far too quick to complain these days, and rarely take a minute to compliment, even when it is well deserved… So a big thank you to you and your team for making our day less stressful.”

Birthday Board Meeting

This is the third Board Meeting we have held at AHH.  Yet again their hospitality and high level of service is refreshing and not at all manufactured like the bigger, much less personal chains and excellent value.  This is a Hotel that genuinely treats it’s visitors as friends.  In addition it was a Co Director’s Birthday, and low and behold a Cake turns up with Candles, a smile and a rendition of Happy Birthday!!” We are already booked for our next meeting…

Keith Shipton - July 2016